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Purchase & Sale Agreements

For Sellers

Financing Addendum, Earnest Money, Seller Disclosure Statement, Contingent Offer; these terms and their impact for sellers can be confusing. Whether you decide to use a real estate agent to sell your property or offer it ‘For Sale by Owner’, our firm can help you navigate the paperwork process. We can draft purchase and sale agreements and addenda, and explain the various steps from receiving the offer to closing the sale.

If a disagreement occurs, we can consult with you regarding earnest money disputes, boundary lines, title problems, and many other real property difficulties.

DON'T FORGET! You may want to obtain a preliminary title report prior to listing your home for sale, so that any title issues can be resolved before you accept an offer.


Real estate is typically the largest purchase any consumer will make. Many people feel overwhelmed by the process and amount of paperwork. Nevertheless, a real estate purchase comes with significant financial impacts and risks as well as rewards. It is important to understand all the documents you are being asked to sign before you sign them. With many companies using electronic signing, it is all too easy to skim through pages of legal terms and apply your signature without a clear understanding of your obligation after signing. Contact us to help you navigate the process.

Many buyers mistakenly believe that they can receive a return of their earnest money if they change their mind about buying the property. Whether you can receive your earnest money back depends on the language of the contract. Be sure you understand the terms regarding earnest money before you make the offer. Also, carefully read through the home inspection report as well as the Seller’s Disclosure Statement and the preliminary title commitment so that you understand any potential problems or defects with the property.