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Title, Easements & Liens

Title: Is your title clouded? In the real estate industry, the term “cloud” is used to describe a range of title problems, from involuntary liens and judgments to unfulfilled real estate contracts and unsatisfied mortgages. Our firm is experienced in working with title companies to remove clouds, whether by locating heirs or grantees and executing the necessary documents, or through Quiet Title lawsuits to clear the cloud.

Easements are interests in land and your title report will show any recorded easements. Many easements showing on title are necessary, such as easements for utilities. However, some easements are unexpected, or the scope or duration of the easement was not clear to subsequent property owners. Other times, easements that people thought would appear on title are not shown, because the easement was never recorded. Let us help you discover and understand your easement rights and responsibilities. We can also discuss ways to create, enforce, or terminate an easement.

Liens can be voluntary, such as the security you give to your bank when the bank loans you money to buy property. This type of security agreement is called a deed of trust in Washington state, but is sometimes referred to as a “mortgage” because people more familiar with that name. Other liens are involuntary, such as liens place by the IRS for delinquent taxes or by a judgment creditor. Our firm can review any liens appearing on your title and explain the nature of them. If a lien was placed improperly, or is still showing despite payment of the obligation, we can assist you with removal.